Morbid Obesity

This is a very personal post.  It is only one of my stories and it’s only through God’s grace and mercy that I can share it with you.  I pray it helps those who can benefit from it.  It is not written to condemn, judge, or criticize anyone.  It is simply my journey through a very difficult personal struggle.

It was over 15 years ago, and I never heard the doctor utter the words “morbid obesity,” but I happen to see him write them on my chart.  I was shocked! How dare he attach such an ugly diagnosis to me.  But sadly, I knew he was correct and that it was true. For many, many years, I ignored my health.  I knew I was gaining weight and needed to lose but I was young and convinced myself that everything was fine.  What I didn’t want to admit was, because I wasn’t taking care of my body, which God calls His “temple,” I was in fact eating myself to an early death.  I felt my health deteriorating daily!

Not a day would pass where I wouldn’t think about how I needed to lose weight and get healthy or I was going to die before I should from complications of obesity. Everyday I would think in my mind, “Okay, today is the day I start losing weight and getting healthy.” But then nothing would change.  I made a few feeble attempts to lose and at times was moderately successful.  But after a while I would gain it all back and more.  I felt as if I was in a “morbid obesity death spiral.”

Then about 4 or 5 years ago, God really begin to deal with me in regard to my weight.  In my spirit I knew God wasn’t pleased, and I knew that I couldn’t be as effective for Him as I wanted to be because I was so obese.  I really felt strongly impressed that I should eliminate certain things from my diet.  Specifically, God was telling me to stop eating sugar, coffee, and bread (these happen to be three of my favorite things!).  And at the time, that was it, nothing else, just sugar, coffee, and bread!  But I continued to ignore the Holy Spirit’s prompting in this area and as a result my health continued to deteriorate.  I was quick to criticize and judge others who smoked, drank too much, used curse words in their talk, or had other personal struggles with disciplines, but never really wanted to admit that my lack of self control in the area of diet was just as harmful.  I can’t say I was a “glutton” as identified in the Bible, but certainly food was an area where I had a problem that I didn’t want to face.  And it is an area that the church “largely” (pardon the pun) ignores!  You just can’t stand in the pulpit and preach against “overeating.”  You might well lose more than half your congregation!

Then early in 2014, God really began to prompt me again in my spirit to lose weight.  I weighed the most I ever had at 334 scalelbs and it looked hopeless.  Then a friend of our family introduced us to a program called Whole30 and she loaned my wife a book, “It Starts With Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.  My wife read the book and began sharing with me some of the concepts and I thought “wow, some of that is what God told me to do 4 or 5 years ago!”  I won’t go into all the details, but we began the Whole30 program on April 1, 2014 and with the help of my supportive and loving wife of 37 years, I have lost 60 pounds and haven’t felt this good in years.  I have a long ways to go, but I believe with God’s help, and the support of my wife, family and friends I will achieve my goal weight of 195 lbs (that’s what my drivers licenses currently says!)

Most people who know me know that I am a fairly “private person” and I don’t share my “personal stuff.”  But, many have also asked what I am doing to lose the weight and that’s the reason I am sharing this very personal post.  I will tell you it isn’t always easy, but with every pound dropped, I feel a burden and weight lifted both physically and spiritually.  For me, I knew God wasn’t pleased with how I cared for His temple and now I am doing something about it.  Thanks for reading and I pray it is helpful for those who struggle with their weight as I do.

Do you struggle with your weight?  What do you find is helpful?  Leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.  Also be sure to share this with your friends and if you would like this blog delivered directly to your email then take the time to subscribe by submitting your email address in the upper right portion of the page.

— Keith


  1. Kieth I love you and think you are an amazing person. Thank you for sharing your testimony! You are doing and looking great! Kudos to your beautiful wife whom I wish I was more like.

    • Thanks for the kind words Jeanie! You and David are very special people in our lives.

  2. Dad, this is powerful stuff. I am proud of how far you have come, and it is an example to all of us that a decision paired with faith (trust in Someone higher along with family and friends who support) and execution (hard-work and discipline) can lead us all to where we know we need to be. Whatever area of our life that may be in. I love you and thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for the encouragement Meghan! I hope to be the example that Christ wants me to be in all areas of my life.

  3. Keith, this is a brave thing you are doing! I am so proud of you and thankful. I hope you continue to prosper and be blessed. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  4. Great job Keith! Praise God for his faithfulness to us! God has been doing some of the same things in me this year. It’s encouraging to hear what He is doing in your life.

  5. Ok, Keith I saw you in Sunday School class and I thought “I think Keith has dropped a few pounds….good for him.” 60!!! Amazing! If Anita has any great recipes to share…send them our way.

    • Thank you Diane. I could not have done and continue to do it without a wonderful and supportive wife. She is the best!

  6. My mom struggled with her weight for years. Now I do! Most of us know how hard and emotional it is to get a handle on our weight. I am proud of you and Anita! Coffee, sugar and bread? Those are my favorites!!

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