“Breaking Bad” Decisions

Full disclosure: I’ve never seen the show “Breaking Bad” and don’t plan on it (but don’t hold that against me).

Having fully disclosed that I don’t know much about the show, I am familiar with the plot and with some of the characters through what I’ve read and what I’ve been told by others.  I’m sure it’s entertaining, but it’s just not my “cup of tea.”  One of the reasons I’ve not jumped in to watch the show is because of the reality of what illegal (and even legal) drugs do to people.  Anyone who has ever dealt with a friend or family member who is caught in the trap of drug addiction understands what I’m saying.  Drug use will take you farther into depravity than you ever wanted to go, and cost you more than you ever wanted to pay. Tweet This  For some it starts out “innocent” enough, “a little alcohol” and “little marijuana” but I’m telling you, it usually doesn’t end well.  I’ve seen too many times how it ends with the total depravity and addiction of the person.

For Example

You can see the truth in what I’m saying just by examining the decisions many in the sports and entertainment world have made in regard to drug use and addiction.  I have read accounts of professional athletes making millions and millions of dollars yet they throw it all away because the desire to smoke marijuana is a more powerful drug than the desire for money and security. So when Toys ‘R Us decided to sell action figures featuring “Breaking Bad” characters, including detachable bags of cash and “methamphetamine” I was shocked. Although I probably shouldn’t have been. I mean think about it, what children’s toy store would do such a thing?  It’s beyond comprehension and flies in the face of any type of common sense and “good judgment.”

Finally Some Sense

It took a petition and national media attention to get Toys ‘R Us to come to their senses and put the well-being of children ahead of corporate profits. Initially the children’s store chain “defended” their decision to sell the action figures by saying they are only being sold in the 15 year old and up adult action figure section (oh that makes me feel so much better, 15 year old buying an action figure that glamorizes meth!) Although some news outlets reported they found the action figures in the younger children’s section also. So after much pressure Toys ‘R Us pulled the action figures off the shelf.

Parents have a hard enough time raising their children without the added glamorization of a drug dealer being a toy in a children’s toy store! Come on Toys ‘R Us…What in the name of good judgment and marketing were you thinking?

What “breaking” bad decisions have you made?  Remember you are free to make decisions but you aren’t free to chose the consequences.Tweet This

— Keith

It’s come to my attention that some people are having a difficult time even believing that Toy’s ‘R Us would even have this on their shelves or believe this story is true. So for the doubters here’s a link.


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  1. Yes. Thanks for making us aware of this outrageous thing Toy’s R US has tried to do. Everyone should remember that choices come in pairs: The Choice/and/Its Consequences. In order to make good choices, we must be aware of the consequences of our choices.

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